Sometimes I feel… What I really don’t feel… What I know I should feel… nathanbonilla © 2017 Image Credit: HERE Buy my NEW POETRY BOOK: Advertisements

This decision is all me and nobody else Yet everybody is still set trippin Just because I’ve made a decision Made the choice to take care of my vision Not the one that stares to the sky Yet the vision from my mind to see inside See the real reason for my decision Hungry men […]

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Face to face with the past His back turned this is my chance Do I take the chance? Do I take revenge? Today I will take another cholo down Our eyes lock his spirit is awaken Face to face we find ourselves with our past Do you remember me…

You left me at such a young age The days run through my minds edge Thinking of your last breath Did you think of me on your deathbed? Never did I forget the day you left An image runs throughout my mind I sit and wait for our next time Years have passed yet your […]

Candelario was an old man He went to church just on Sundays His wife paid him to take a shower Smelled like beer every hour All of us kids feared Candelario Found out he was a Veterano “Viva Mexico” in the revolution Now I understand… Why Candelario sunk in sand nathanbonilla © 2017 image credit: […]

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All around me I see it, A war raging like never before, Death I smell, blood I know, Those that were with me yesterday are no longer here, I awake and there lies her body, Yesterday a woman full of life, Today a corpse with no light, I don’t…

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To all those that I knew Taken away from the arms of love ones Taken by the barrel of the gun Oppressed from the reality of self All for one piece of land Which belonged to a system and not one Yet to die and to live was but…