List of Poetry

Part of the Team
Do People really care?
To the Primo I never knew
My lips remain sealed
Love like a Story
Love where are you?
The Scars of Words
My Thoughts
To all those that I Knew
The Great I AM
A Son of a Product of War
To Go On…
Love like a Jewel

You don’t know what I feel
A Cycle of a System
A Piece of Heaven
Forced to Act
The Evolution of Our Love
The Hunger for Nothing
The People of this Land
Asleep I Was
Streams of Love
Deep Love
So Many Questions
My Barrio
Do I Turn Away?
Tell Me
The Time is Weak
Corozal Mi Tierra
Your Faithfulness
Lord I Need Thee
A Cycle
El Sonido
The Pain is Deep
Enemy from Within
It’s Not What You See
The Joy I Feel
Manuel Was His Name
You Are That Melody
My Eyes See Them Not
From the Land of Treasures
A Second of a Memory
Remember Me
Now I Understand
Like Boiling Water
Silent Souls
Conquistadores You Call Them
Before the Rising of the Sun
Soldiers Without A Cause
Will You Love Me In Eternity?
La Edad (Spanish)
The Tears from Above
Consumed by the White Powder
Martin Was His Name
Los Ocho Anos 
Echoes of the Past
Don Javier Was His Name
In Silence They Live
If They Could Only Speak
Una Nube
For You
They Called Him Puppet
The Darkness So Heavy
Her Name Is Movement 
Face to Face with the Past
The Memory of Pain is Gone
Modern Slaves
The Weight is Heavy 
Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
Like A Dream It All Seemed
Memories of Yesterday 
Paris, Paris, Let Me Speak
Where You From?
The Eyes of My Father Tell of Dreams of War 
The Clock is Ticking
Forgive Them
La Frontera (The Border)
A Child of A King
Via Dolorosa








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