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She was dreaming

  As she was walking she fell down the hole, ended up in a land of trees made of cotton candy. She took a piece from the tree, tasted good but really different. Didn’t understand she had eaten her thoughts. She fell again and then woke up… it was all just a dream only she […]

Lecture feat. Hrag Vartanian

So today I made my way to the Nashville TN Public Library as I always tend to do during my lunch break. On the way to the elevators I saw a sign that read “Insight? Outta Site! With Hrag Vartanian @ 12 pm in the Auditorium” I being the less versed on the art scene […]

POEM: A Child of a King

As a deep sleep I walk Am I not awake? I say Where have you been? And what have you seen? As though a dream it was to me The day I awoke from this dreadful skim Life does not seem to be what it means But awake now I find my dreams As if time […]

POEM: Via Dolorosa

With every step taken His thoughts flow to their eyes Seeing within them the deepest of their sorrow Lost in a world of endless pain Not knowing who He was Rejecting the one whom from creation was Every step brought us closer Every second was one soul bought His blood so deep, His blood so […]