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The Birth of Jesus

Many Christmas stories have been told, but there are none so interesting and thrilling as the one told about the birth of Jesus and the circumstances that led up to it. To read the Bible story concerning this wonderful child and the place of His birth is interesting to anyone merely as a story, but […]

Giving and Getting

Commercialism has long been an important part of the Christmas scene, and billions of dollars are made by people unacquainted with the Christ who came to earth to inaugurate the plan of salvation. Others will reap the benefits of gift-giving in the name of the holy child, Jesus, while ignoring the benefits of the gospel […]

Giving gifts to Christ

Nicodemus was shocked at the necessity for being born again, Jesus pointed out that things born of the flesh were carnal, while those born of the Spirit have a divine nature. When Nicodemus still could not understand, Jesus prophesied His own crucifixion, giving the purpose and the outcome for such an act. Spiritual re-birth of […]

The Simplicity of Christmas

As I was reading some Christmas articles by Hal Borland, author of Sundial of the Seasons, I was struck by the following statement: “Not the least of the wonders we commemorate this week was the simplicity surrounding the Birth itself.” How very true! And if we hold strictly to the commemoration of those events, our […]

Why Christ was born

The message of Christmas is the beginning of the out-working of the salvation of God through the ministry of His only begotten Son. A Christmas which means less than this is not the Christmas of the Christian. It is possible to become so absorbed in the history of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus […]