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When the leafs fall off

When love dies The leafs fall off You stare at the dark Yet no answers come to light You come to understand You were the one That let the love slip away Little by little It’s end came And there you sit Staring at the night Waiting for the sun to rise On a love […]


The mysteries of the deep To see what was unseen To know what was to come To hear the life within From the earth your life was formed The mysteries of the deep are held within Walking through a scene never seen yet the mysteries remain deep only words to grasp only our imaginations to […]


The piñata El pastel La música Mis amigos Oh what memories flow from within To think of this day like no other Old I become, but this memory will live on How el pastel de chocolate mixed with ice cream I can still taste There in the corner as they sang Feliz cumpleaños To feel […]