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When the leafs fall off

When love dies The leafs fall off You stare at the dark Yet no answers come to light You come to understand You were the one That let the love slip away Little by little It’s end came And there you sit Staring at the night Waiting for the sun to rise On a love […]


Your part of the team, they say Your one of us, they said One for all, they declared All for one, was said But when the time arrived, I saw No team was left, by my side Only me, myself and I, was all Where was the team? I called All gone astray, I saw […]

Poem: To The Primo I Never Knew

To the primo I never knew To live and die by the gun The calling of the streets Crawling under the rug The subway rats creeping in the fog Catch you slipping like a deep sleep Fingers on the trigger light up the streets For a moment reality creeps in A fight breaks out from […]


The vato screams “This is my barrio” Yet he is a puppet to the streets A number to the rest A vato that has been lied to Thinking it belongs to him But on the concrete his soul will fade away My barrio Just a lie brought about by a way out But when the […]


The screams of a child The wailing of a mother The father in despair Do I turn away? Miles apart from the chaos around Do I turn away? I ask myself, what can I do? My heart aches? The tears I feel fall from within The walls of my heart ache to hear Ache to […]


Tell me Would you leave your motherland for a life unknown? Your children to cope with father that is not home A life so different from that which once was Now you stand in the midst of a sea of modern day slaves Yet they scream from their lungs “All of you must go home” […]


The World is in chaos Children dying Mothers crying Fathers desperate When will this war end? The war of words The war of hate The war of religion Destroying all lives from left to right The world is crumbling all around us Can’t we just be a beacon light? The news is sad The images […]