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la Señorita Becky

I once knew a señorita named Becky Llena de aceite Llegaba toda nice Pero todo le resbalaba Cause Becky was nice Pero con corazón de León Always looking to make things right Becky will go a long way in life nathanB. © 2018 Image Credit: HERE Buy my NEW POETRY BOOK: Advertisements

Poem: To The Primo I Never Knew

To the primo I never knew To live and die by the gun The calling of the streets Crawling under the rug The subway rats creeping in the fog Catch you slipping like a deep sleep Fingers on the trigger light up the streets For a moment reality creeps in A fight breaks out from […]


To all those that I knew Taken away from the arms of love ones Taken by the barrel of the gun Oppressed from the reality of self All for one piece of land Which belonged to a system and not one Yet to die and to live was but a vapor in this land Oppressed […]

Poem: A cycle of a system

A system of systems You will never understand Understand the pain that is felt A child going hungry A wife left abandoned All because the rat sits in his chair Sleeps in his bed To destroy the life underneath Will it every change? No, seems to be the answer A new form may be set […]


A kind and gentle soul Martin was his name Who came from the slums of the hood One that would sell all for a meal He knocks on the door I open to greet Martin stood there with a machine “¿Lo quieren comprar?” was Martins question But little did we know Martin was so sneaky […]


The piñata El pastel La música Mis amigos Oh what memories flow from within To think of this day like no other Old I become, but this memory will live on How el pastel de chocolate mixed with ice cream I can still taste There in the corner as they sang Feliz cumpleaños To feel […]


So today I was honored to have my poem shared at a lecture by renowned Artist Jana Harper. Her work has been featured in various parts of the world and currently works as the Senior Lecturer at Vanderbilt University Department of Art in Nashville, TN. She recently began a project called “YOU CALL IT A CLOUD” […]