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POEM: Love, where are you?

What has become of the word so deep? To calm the hearts of those who weep A world of distress is all I see The word has been trampled underneath our feet Some have misused it to fulfill their evil deeds With a hate that comes not from heavens deep The word has stood the […]


The faith to hold on The courage to sing In times of depth So sinks the breath To the stars she gazes A dream to come From the midst she rises And yet she is strong Strong so deep The vines so rich And in her midst She rises to her feet Call it what […]


Dark and alone Asleep and dead was my life without you Walking among the corpses of those that seemed alive Yet they too were dead in this sleep Yet you did not forget me In this sleep you were there next to me In this sleep when you called The voice that I heard Opened […]


The weight is heavy, The pain is intense, His sweat like drops of blood seem to culminate, In the darkness of the night which engulfs him, The weight is heavy, The night is long, I can’t take it, screams his human nature, I can make speaks the divine, A struggle within, an outward appearance, Left […]

POEM: A Child of a King

As a deep sleep I walk Am I not awake? I say Where have you been? And what have you seen? As though a dream it was to me The day I awoke from this dreadful skim Life does not seem to be what it means But awake now I find my dreams As if time […]

POEM: Via Dolorosa

With every step taken His thoughts flow to their eyes Seeing within them the deepest of their sorrow Lost in a world of endless pain Not knowing who He was Rejecting the one whom from creation was Every step brought us closer Every second was one soul bought His blood so deep, His blood so […]

The Birth of Jesus

Many Christmas stories have been told, but there are none so interesting and thrilling as the one told about the birth of Jesus and the circumstances that led up to it. To read the Bible story concerning this wonderful child and the place of His birth is interesting to anyone merely as a story, but […]