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Came a Long way

Came a long way… From running from that bus Looking back at the enemy on my tail Came a long way… From those that said they got my back But it was all cheap talk Came a long way from claiming something Which truly was not Came a long way… From running from those thugs […]

Poem: To The Primo I Never Knew

To the primo I never knew To live and die by the gun The calling of the streets Crawling under the rug The subway rats creeping in the fog Catch you slipping like a deep sleep Fingers on the trigger light up the streets For a moment reality creeps in A fight breaks out from […]


To all those that I knew Taken away from the arms of love ones Taken by the barrel of the gun Oppressed from the reality of self All for one piece of land Which belonged to a system and not one Yet to die and to live was but a vapor in this land Oppressed […]


Brought to this country His parents had dreams dreams of a future all together Mi hijo a llegado said the father From the motherland he traveled Through the desert he struggled The miles traveled would soon disappear For the joy of his father would appear He is here the joy resounded in the small home […]


The vato screams “This is my barrio” Yet he is a puppet to the streets A number to the rest A vato that has been lied to Thinking it belongs to him But on the concrete his soul will fade away My barrio Just a lie brought about by a way out But when the […]