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Poem: To The Primo I Never Knew

To the primo I never knew To live and die by the gun The calling of the streets Crawling under the rug The subway rats creeping in the fog Catch you slipping like a deep sleep Fingers on the trigger light up the streets For a moment reality creeps in A fight breaks out from […]


I usually do not write on my blog other than share my poems in times of inspiration no matter what I may be feeling at that precise moment. My blog as well as poetry has been therapy to me in order to express my most inner feelings. I am blessed to have each of you […]


Amor you know I love you From the rising of the sun My treasures are your own Your love so deep for those that are our own I know your worth seems none But know that in the cave You are the jewel that shines away You are the glue that unites us all Without […]

Street Social Experiment

So I recently saw this video on YouTube and was profoundly touched by it. It is so important to remember to have compassion. Our society has become so caught up with things that have no benefit to our lives that we have forgotten the center core of our society “FAMILY” Enjoy and comment also!