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The faith to hold on The courage to sing In times of depth So sinks the breath To the stars she gazes A dream to come From the midst she rises And yet she is strong Strong so deep The vines so rich And in her midst She rises to her feet Call it what […]


Your faithfulness Is like a breeze on a spring day A touch of light in a gloomy walk Your faithfulness compares to no other Your mercy and love extended to all All you desire is a little talk from me In the storms and waves that come my way In the midst of the pain […]


Before the explosion of vibrant colors Before the darkness is overtaken by your glory In the midst of the morning will I seek your face With my mouth shut I mediate in what lies ahead A day filled with challenges are yet to be seen But in this quiet moment I seek thy face, just […]

The Church: A Blessing to this World

So many things take place that we sometimes do not understand them at their precise moment and many of times we are left to wonder what God is doing. But in due time we come to find out exactly what God had in mind all along, and then the pieces of the puzzle begin to […]

The Urgency of Prayer!

The majority of the scriptures in this article will be taken from 1 Samuel Chapter 1:1-20. Please feel free to use this as a sermon outline and to your own writing style. We are all very familiar with many different Biblical accounts concerning prayer. When we speak of prayer the first person that comes to mind […]

Is Evangelism Passive?

Recently I heard someone say that they were referred to as having a view of passive evangelism. The individual contended on the fact that his view of evangelism is passive and that we can in essence evangelize much better with our testimony rather than any other form of Evangelism. Now could this form of Evangelism […]

Let’s Move: The Vital Necessity for the Church to be in constant movement in these last days.

A Jesus Who Was In Constant Movement The Bible in the book of John chapter 5 gives us an amazing account of a certain man which is described as having an infirmity for about thirty eight years. In other words this man had been sick for many years. Now we do not know exactly what […]