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When the leafs fall off

When love dies The leafs fall off You stare at the dark Yet no answers come to light You come to understand You were the one That let the love slip away Little by little It’s end came And there you sit Staring at the night Waiting for the sun to rise On a love […]

Poem: A cycle of a system

A system of systems You will never understand Understand the pain that is felt A child going hungry A wife left abandoned All because the rat sits in his chair Sleeps in his bed To destroy the life underneath Will it every change? No, seems to be the answer A new form may be set […]


Now I understand What I should have known from the start To those memories I’m taken back The hurt and pain that I have caused Those moments in your darkest hours To have been there would have been better Yet in my selfishness I drifted away Leaving you along to cope with the unknown Yet […]