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Poem: To The Primo I Never Knew

To the primo I never knew To live and die by the gun The calling of the streets Crawling under the rug The subway rats creeping in the fog Catch you slipping like a deep sleep Fingers on the trigger light up the streets For a moment reality creeps in A fight breaks out from […]


My thoughts ring on They bring a smell An odor to run A fragrance to keep What road will it lead me? To the sun that comes up To the moon that lights the path In this forest of trees Those thoughts run with me Chasing a rabbit to its hole Down will I fall? […]


The faith to hold on The courage to sing In times of depth So sinks the breath To the stars she gazes A dream to come From the midst she rises And yet she is strong Strong so deep The vines so rich And in her midst She rises to her feet Call it what […]


I walk I smell The rain has left Its fragrance dwells on I walk I smell Copyright © 2015 Nathan Bonilla Image Credit: Nathan Bonilla  


Brought to this country His parents had dreams dreams of a future all together Mi hijo a llegado said the father From the motherland he traveled Through the desert he struggled The miles traveled would soon disappear For the joy of his father would appear He is here the joy resounded in the small home […]


A land ravaged with war The rivers turned cold Cold with the blood of Innocent children Innocent mothers Innocent fathers A land that once flowed with life In a land filled with hidden death in the fields Brothers and sisters taught to kill the enemy Blood killing blood and yet they are soldiers with no […]

Sketch: Old Man with Beard

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