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Sometimes I wonder

to see the wounds of your hands to feel what you felt that night betrayed by those closes to you yet you knelt as a sheep with no pastor one to give your all for me a man with no hope a stranger to wonder the streets yet on that very night you thought about […]


For those wondering who I am Let those thoughts linger in your mind In the land of your thoughts To know who I am Is to see the GREAT I AM Made in HIS image was I Created to worship the GREAT I AM The creator of all I am Yet HE continues to be the […]


There I lay, Seeing my shattered body, Ruined and in great dismay, I’ve been robbed, stolen from my freedom to be, I lay with only my life clinging to me, He I thought was my brother’s keeper, Has brought me great stress in seeing me lay, Not wanting to help, How could this be? Would […]

Ministry Article: This is not the time to give up

It’s very common that once an individual reaches the second month of a new year, they tend to start showing signs of giving up. Even statistics tell us that by this time those individuals that made a new year’s resolution have either given up already or are in the stages of giving up. Why does […]

POEM: Forgive them

As the time I spent with you You have known my heart, My intentions have not been hid from thee, You are all powerful for your voice is liken unto thunder, But they which thou has given unto me They have failed thee, Was it me? Have I failed? Look not I ask at their […]

The Church: A Blessing to this World

So many things take place that we sometimes do not understand them at their precise moment and many of times we are left to wonder what God is doing. But in due time we come to find out exactly what God had in mind all along, and then the pieces of the puzzle begin to […]

The Birth of Jesus

Many Christmas stories have been told, but there are none so interesting and thrilling as the one told about the birth of Jesus and the circumstances that led up to it. To read the Bible story concerning this wonderful child and the place of His birth is interesting to anyone merely as a story, but […]