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The mysteries of the deep To see what was unseen To know what was to come To hear the life within From the earth your life was formed The mysteries of the deep are held within Walking through a scene never seen yet the mysteries remain deep only words to grasp only our imaginations to […]


Dark and alone Asleep and dead was my life without you Walking among the corpses of those that seemed alive Yet they too were dead in this sleep Yet you did not forget me In this sleep you were there next to me In this sleep when you called The voice that I heard Opened […]

POEM: A Child of a King

As a deep sleep I walk Am I not awake? I say Where have you been? And what have you seen? As though a dream it was to me The day I awoke from this dreadful skim Life does not seem to be what it means But awake now I find my dreams As if time […]