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Sketch: Old Man with Beard

Copyright © Nathan Bonilla All Right Reserved

Ministry Article: This is not the time to give up

It’s very common that once an individual reaches the second month of a new year, they tend to start showing signs of giving up. Even statistics tell us that by this time those individuals that made a new year’s resolution have either given up already or are in the stages of giving up. Why does […]

Sketch & Poem: Old Couple

To grow old with you, Means to love you like I do, Not knowing how much time we have, To grow old with you, Means to love you like I do Copyright (c) 2015 Juan N. Bonilla. All Rights Reserved Image Credit: Juan N. Bonilla

Lecture feat. Hrag Vartanian

So today I made my way to the Nashville TN Public Library as I always tend to do during my lunch break. On the way to the elevators I saw a sign that read “Insight? Outta Site! With Hrag Vartanian @ 12 pm in the Auditorium” I being the less versed on the art scene […]

Nashville: B&W Photography

Here are a few pictures I took at lunch today in downtown Nashville TN by the library, I have always been a true fan of black and white Photography. My favorite photographer if you would like to know is Boogie. Copyright (c) 2014 Juan N. Bonilla All Rights Reserved

Sad face: Sketch

Old man sketch

So I was bored today and decided to sketch an old man on a small note pad, what do ya think?