book reviews

Here is a list of books that I have reviewed. I do want to mention that I am honest in my reviews and will give my opinion based on a few things such as: the cover art, organization of thoughts, writing style and overall take on the what I am reading.

If you desire for me to review your book, I only accept hard copies at this moment, no digital please. I will make some exceptions. Connect with me if you want me to consider reviewing your work at

Below are the names of the author’s whose book I have reviewed, all in alphabetical order:

Beith, Malcolm: The Last Narco: Inside the hunt for El Chapo, the world’s most wanted drug lord
Bunn, Davis: The Patmos Deception

Crews, Mickey: The Church of God: A Social History
Cruz, Nicky: Run Baby Run

God: La Santa Biblia

Harter, Debbie: The Animal Boogie: (A Barefoot singalong)
Hoffman, Janie: The Chia Cookbook

Ling, Laura: Somewhere Inside: One Sister’s Captivity in North Korea and the Other’s Fight to Bring Her Home
Lower, Wendy: Hitler’s Furies: German women in the Nazi killing fields
Luna, Cash: En honor al Espiritu Santo

Piper, John: Brothers, we are not professionals: a plea to pastors for radical ministry

Rodriguez, J. Luis: Always Running: La Vida loca: Gang days in L.A.

Sproul, R.C.: Are we Together: A Protestant analyzes Roman Catholicism 
Suki, Kim: Without you, there is no us: my time with the sons of North Korea’s Elite
Schachner, Judy: Skippyjon Jones Snow What

Warren, Rick: The Purpose-driven Church: Growth Without Compromising Your Message And Mission The Purpose-driven
Warren, Rick: The Daniel Plan: 40 Days To A Healthier Life 




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