Three Hermanos


Three hermanos
labored daily
never found love in the land of plenty
their sweat was the cause of many
lost in time while others prospered
their joy came from the land which prospered plenty
that was their cause for their small revolution
but wolves crept in from the scene
left them hungry for all they had seen
there they sat under the tree
Angel, Gregorio and Christobal just three
Broken but not broken
They would rise once more
A rose in a garden full of stones
For one moment more their joy would return
But father time would come calling them home
There they sit today under the tree
No longer old in age but free in all eternity
The three hermanos on the other side
Sit enjoying true freedom for the rest of time

nathanB. Poetry © 2018
Image Credit: HERE




  1. Wow such a beautiful poem, Nathan reminded me of three men enjoying their lives sitting under the vast open branch of a tree.

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  2. Tres hermanos! Amo este poema!!! I love it so much it made me spoke Spanish! 😂😂 Well done! Keep up the fantastic job! God bless! Xx

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