Poem: Fields of Dreams


I stand in the fields
In the midst of me is nothing but a dream
A state of awaken
Yet asleep
My hair flows from the wind between
My soul is thirsty
It hungers for the deep ends of my dreams
As drums my heart beats to the sound
The sound from the call of the fields
In a blink of an eye I move from the field to the edge
The edge of what is life
The edge of questioning all that surrounds me
Is it a dream? Or a sense of the mind that is within?
The water flows down the creek
And soon I am found flowing within
No longer thirsty for it, now flowing with its waves
Not knowing where I will land
Or to awaken from this state of mind

Nathan Bonilla © 2017
Image Credit: HERE




  1. This was fantastic!!!

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  2. Beautiful! Bravo!!

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  3. There’s a great sense of flow to this poem


  4. Reblogged this on Abstract Development and commented:
    This is really very good.

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