Poem: Disguised as Blood


Got to take care of my own
Others don’t know what I know

One chair in a room
Four walls covered within
That’s my safe place from the wolves
Out in the forest they roam

I run to my home in the woods
Greeted by the words of those at home
But safety I feel none
I question that feeling at home

Yet I come to find out
The wolves are already at home
Those whose blood my treasures carry

Yet they are the deadly wolves that chased me
And now face to face with these wolves
I must take a stand for my own

Cut them off completely
From those I must guard as my own
The game will never finish
As the wolves take other forms

Yet I will be on my guard
Discerning the mask’s on their faces
Ready to destroy them on time
Even if it means cutting them off all alone

Nathan Bonilla © 2016
Image Credit: HERE



  1. Raw and powerful, this. And if I’m reading it correctly, I’ve had a similar experience. Being alone can be a rich experience–so much to learn, and without the distractions of “wolves”. God bless you.

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