Poem: Modern Day Slaves


Slaves to our master
Which will you serve?
Dragged through the streets
Robots alike
Subway rats we creep
Obligated to the call of the streets
Signs lead us to our destruction
Given the plastic to keep us caged
Caged in our debt amounted to nothing

We attribute emotions to material possessions
We walk the ground with heavy feet
Made to hunger for more every week
Yet our homes are filled with clutter
Things we don’t need
Made to follow societies call on our knees
Made to think I need all these things

Caged like birds
When we will be free?
Slaves to our master’s
What will you choice?
Be free from the hold?
Or keep the blindfold?
Awaken from this sleep
To see what master you will keep

Nathan Bonilla © 2016
Image Credit: HERE

The reason for this poem is because of a journey I decided to take alongside my wife about a year ago into minimalism. If you would like to follow our journey please click HERE and follow our blog.






  1. Like how to describe modern slavery; how true!

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  2. Credit is a handshake and a knife in the back simultaneously

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  3. This is such a great message–I was once enslaved to the plastic money, and got free from it. Only because I’m anticipating a major move have I recently acquired a couple cards to help with moving expenses–as a senior/disabled woman with no family/friends, my resources necessitate getting the cards, but I’m not thrilled about it 😉

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  4. Excellent way to send a great message!

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  5. I’m glad to see this post as I’m beginning to wonder if I’m in the minority on buying stuff…. which is okay. I have a card I use only for book publishing/writing expenses that require on-line transactions. I’ve seen many people get caught up in buying presents for Christmas and after the holidays resulting in added stress from debt. My husband and I do not exchange Christmas presents because he doesn’t like the commercialization of Christmas, though I did buy us each a pair of bedroom slippers because the ones from last year were worn flat.Thanks for following my blog and writing your thoughtful words.


    1. Awesome comment! What we have learned is to be content with what we have. Inthino there are a lot of factors behind buying such as buying quality over quantity and having the money for it. Credit cards are super dangerous it’s better to save up for the want and pay cash or ask myself why do I want this item. Thanks for the comment!

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