My lips remain sealed

Do real people really exist?

Can you trust someone with your dreams?

Truth breakers roam the streets

Found in your homes from those closer to thee

Enemies afar off

Yet the snake is close

Does a genuine smile really exist?

Do they hold onto your thoughts?

Or spill them as quick as the rain drops?

Can you find someone to really trust?

Or are those people never to be found on earth?

Who can I trust with all I feel?

Who can feel the pain in my heart and my screams?

Shouts of anguish

Yet my lips remain sealed

Thoughts of disappointment 

From those who I thought were real

Do real people really exist?


Nathan Bonilla © 2016

Image Credit: HERE



  1. Touching.. heartfelt.. Thank you!

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  2. Yes, but not just anyone and that’s the tricky part, figuring out who you can trust. Often we get many broken hearts along the way, that is if we’re blessed enough to find them. It’s a very thought provoking piece, thanks for sharing this!

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  3. Hard to find real people you can trust.


  4. Questions my soul has as well….Great poem.

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  5. Human relationships, I think, are difficult for this reason, for one. We love, and yet do not always love, each other as we ought. Oftentimes, both parties want two different outcomes, causing conflict. Our weaknesses and limitations keep us from being as reliable as we ought to be.

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