POEM: Love, where are you?


What has become of the word so deep?
To calm the hearts of those who weep
A world of distress is all I see
The word has been trampled underneath our feet
Some have misused it to fulfill their evil deeds
With a hate that comes not from heavens deep
The word has stood the test of time
Yet every day we are reminded of what it has become
A word of hate and judgement to all
A word to divide families and lose its all
Yet in the end the word will survive
In the fire she will overcome
In the darkness her light will shine on
Love, oh love, where are you now?
In the hearts of men that fill their lust with hate?
Or in the tender soul that seeks your warmth?
Love will survive the test of time
Love will be the one to give us all the peace of mind
Love will win, and in the end love will conquer all

Nathan Bonilla © 2016
Image Credit: HERE



  1. This is beauty beyond words
    Faces in the house of cards
    Rightly you said, world is engulfed in distress
    And everywhere its an evil mess
    Life’s conquered by hate and judgement
    We all are drowning in self-created dungeon
    Survival of words in its glory is no doubt
    Someday it will be a new born sprout
    Love will find its way, even in these times
    It will outlive even our lifetime
    Because amore is greatest of all
    Hope we will be remembered after our fall

    (I hope mine is good, i rarely reply to a poem as a poem, sometimes when in mood)

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    1. Well written loved it! thanks


  2. Beautiful…

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