To all those that I knew
Taken away from the arms of love ones
Taken by the barrel of the gun
Oppressed from the reality of self
All for one piece of land
Which belonged to a system and not one
Yet to die and to live was but a vapor in this land
Oppressed the sense of belonging
Longing for the love of the one that was never there
Worked hard hours to show love
But all the child wanted was true love
Not the worth of material possessions
But a love so deep to give a sense of want
Found it on the hard concrete
The sun burns on his lifeless body
Laying to wonder what has become
Of that child that he once was
To all those that I knew
Yet are gone
Your memory will live on
When will we learn?
From the mistakes that led you to the wrong path
To all those that have gone
Gone but not forgotten from your own

Copyright © 2016 Nathan Bonilla
Image Credit: HERE


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