I usually do not write on my blog other than share my poems in times of inspiration no matter what I may be feeling at that precise moment. My blog as well as poetry has been therapy to me in order to express my most inner feelings. I am blessed to have each of you as my followers on my Poetry Blog and pray that more are inspired to write Poetry as they read my work. I am not a Published Poet but hope to one day inspire others as have done the great poets before me.

Just yesterday I received the greatest news ever. My father who is a product of the terrible Civil War of El Salvador which claimed the lives of  thousands of innocent, men, women and children shared with me that he found his Sister who he had not heard of for many years. This brought joy to my soul, because war, death and distance could not stop the uniting of these souls once again while they are still on this earth. A whole new door has opened for us and I have found many family members alive and well in El Salvador, some that we thought probably died in the war or would never be heard of again.

Because of this I want to share a poem about my father and my relationship as his son, and living many years with this sad part of his life every time he shared it with me and my siblings.


A son of a product of war
His shoes I can’t ever walk
Seems unreal to see what his seen
Streets filled with blood
Screams from above
Souls looking up
Souls looking down
Grasp of a breath in a life less seen
Never forgotten those streets stay fresh in his dreams
A son of a product of war
Peace broken by those who claimed it from above
Hypocrites to win a war for nothing more
Nothing more to destroy the lives of those humble souls
I’m a son of a product of war
His life I shall never understand
But grateful I am to be a son of a product of war
For in its worth I’ve learned to love
To understand
The man who carried me on his shoulders and worked day and night
My father
Mi padre as I’ve known him my entire life
Because of his life
I am a son of a product of war

Copyright © 2016 Nathan Bonilla
Image Credit: HERE


  1. So beautiful, and a heartmelting story. Well done.

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