Poem: A cycle of a system


A system of systems

You will never understand

Understand the pain that is felt

A child going hungry

A wife left abandoned

All because the rat sits in his chair

Sleeps in his bed

To destroy the life underneath

Will it every change?

No, seems to be the answer

A new form may be set up

But the cycle will once more come

A cycle never ending

Our faith on men of no worth

Will you ever understand?

You who can sleep on your bed at night

Yet you complain for all that’s not worth one second of your time

Living in a maze

A maze made up of fame

Just to rob that poor child of what they really need

Will you ever understand?

My guess will still be no


Copyright © 2016 Nathan Bonilla

Image Credit: HERE


One comment

  1. We do take things for granted and sometimes when we say ‘ I understand/know how you feel’ it is usually untrue … Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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