We are told to want more
Controlled by the hunger for more
A hunger which amounts to none
A hunger which feeds none but the savage desire for more
We feel but a glimpse of joy at the moments touch
Yet that joy diminishes at a seconds notice
The feeding never ends
From young and old alike
We are treated as animals and deceived to want more
Yet in it we have forgotten the simple life
A life of the essentials which we need the most
Yet the machine continues to feed us
Commercialism has turned to the death bed of many
Amounts of debt
And yet unhappy
The core of the family destroyed completely
Our eyes sore from our phones
While the rest of our blood dies alone
When will we wake up from the hunger for nothing?
To realize one day it was just nothing
But a fake joy that brought no joy

Copyright © 2015 Nathan Bonilla
Image Credit: HERE



  1. Very well done. Thank you for writing!

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  2. This was right on the money ! Lol

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  3. thought provoking……very nicely written!

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  4. sacredheartsip · · Reply


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  5. I really relate to this–there was a time when I tried to fill my hungry heart with things; shopping led me into 2 bankruptcies. But God is faithful–He hunted me down, fed my hunger with Himself–and now, though I live on a small income, He blesses me beyond my needs. He’s a good, good Father! God bless you today!

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  6. Love your creation of the sale, true a hunger fueled by the big machine..

    i too find myself struggling with the big machine, nonetheless they can change…

    Thank you for stopping by to have a read..

    cheers chris


  7. minimalistsouls · · Reply

    Reblogged this on minimalist SOULS and commented:
    Bernice writing here…
    This is a Minimalist Poem my husband wrote about the hunger for nothing. Everywhere we go we are told that “we need this product” big companies telling us what we need and for many of us we have fallen victims to this. Enjoy!


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