As the night approaches
The sounds of the dark engulf our land
The flute plays as the night has arrived
The wolves howl to let their presence be known
My people sleep from a long day’s work
Yet the peace of the night would no longer live
The days of peace would forever change
The coming of them to our mother land
Would take from our people years of love
To our land we were welcomed by nature itself
Our origins unknown to them that came
No longer would peace rule our land
And yet today our people are silenced
Forever edged to a book in class
Forever forgotten for what we had
What remains today is just the land
That once belonged to the people of this land

Copyright © Nathan Bonilla 2015
Image Credit: HERE



  1. Dara Reidyr · · Reply

    Really nice and touching.


  2. wwwpalfitness · · Reply

    Reblogged this on wwwpalfitness.


  3. You belong to Amazon region I guess ,its really pathetic the way on name of development humanity has been depleted .


    1. I am actually not from the amazon region, and the poem was touching on the fact about the Native Americans here in the United States of North America, but since you mentioned the Amazon, I believe the same concept exist and it is sad in deed the way human development can destroy lives.


      1. I agree completely , wish that we value human and all other creation of God more than development


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