Dark and alone
Asleep and dead was my life without you
Walking among the corpses of those that seemed alive
Yet they too were dead in this sleep
Yet you did not forget me
In this sleep you were there next to me
In this sleep when you called
The voice that I heard
Opened these eyes
Awoke the spirit within
That which was dead
That which was asleep is just a blur in time
Like a dream to never come back
I stand next to you awake
Out of the cave I have crawled
My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Your voice was the light
To awaken me from this sleep

Copyright © 2015 Nathan Bonilla
Image Credit: HERE



  1. This is so beautiful. 💖


  2. Exquisite and I love how you ended this poem ❤


  3. Awesome poem there..


  4. Ohhh, this is a gloriously beautiful poem! You have an exquisite style. May God bless you so abundantly during this season of Jesus hope-joy-peace.


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