The vato screams
“This is my barrio”
Yet he is a puppet to the streets
A number to the rest
A vato that has been lied to
Thinking it belongs to him
But on the concrete his soul will fade away
My barrio
Just a lie brought about by a way out
But when the vato opens his eyes
He sees with his heart
His mind opens up the eyelids
That have been closed since birth
A cycle is broken
No longer “my barrio”
But, “my future” his heart screams
But he is haunted by the life left behind
Running away to get caught up again
My barrio, was the same barrio which took his life
And with it a hope and glimpse
Of what it could have been
Now he is the result of another number
A puppet killed by the master
My barrio is silenced away into eternity

Copyright © Nathan Bonilla 2015
Image Credit: HERE



  1. nice…really evokes a sense of place…


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