In His name death has been declared
Men that crept in as wolves in despair
Terrorizing His name, they shamed the mission
Now we pay the price for all the false missions
I am Christian, not religious
Am I perfect?
How dare that thought ring in my heart!
I am but an unknown soul
But in His hands His mercies live on
In His name the strength to go on
In a world where we are but a number
Our children suffering
In the hands of religion
Christian I declare I am
But not all who declare from an outward appearance
May seem the right fit
Yet their hearts are far from it
He declared the time would come
Now that it has appeared we are left to wonder
Can I have the courage to declare His name?
I am Christian, an unknown soul
To this world so wicked which it has become
But In Him I place all my hopes
Not in a system that is made to die alone
In Jesus Christ my Lord, my God
I declare to #iamchristian

Copyright © 2015 Nathan Bonilla
Image Credit: HERE



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