The screams of a child
The wailing of a mother
The father in despair
Do I turn away?
Miles apart from the chaos around
Do I turn away?
I ask myself, what can I do?
My heart aches?
The tears I feel fall from within
The walls of my heart ache to hear
Ache to see
Ache to read
The suffering all around me
Has the internet made me more aware?
Or has it made me to wonder more?
Do I turn away?
Do I ignore the pain?
Lord I just don’t understand the pain
Oh how fortunate I am to be alive today
But what if it was my son?
My daughter?
My mother?
My father?
Would I turn away?

Copyright © 2015 Nathan Bonilla
Image Credit: HERE



  1. You do turn away, that or you actively do something. I joined the army, not to save the world but eventually we did make a difference, Now at my age, having been in two screwed up countries, I turn away. I did my part, was my job. So if your heart really hurts when seeing pictures like that, not even experiencing it…..then turn away or make your way to actively live it and try to make a little difference. Writing about it…..very nicely written by the way, but it won´t change nothing. Better for civilians to not know what war, real missery is.

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    1. The thing is there is not way to help people in other countries. We can help those where we live, however, and that’s the most we can do. I agree, action is the only thing that matters and with corruption in the number one slot, there is no way to help people in other countries. You can physically go there but what will you do then? The system has been set up to stop us from helping. It’s not turning away, it’s facing the fact that unless you have money and can go to a foreign country and help, there’s nothing you can do. The governments want it that way or we wouldn’t have war and make money for them.

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      1. Sorry for the late response, and I have to say that I agree completely. As I said I joined the army and went, but not to help anybody but to do my job as infantry which by default did improve the situation for that sector of the population we where in charge, how are they now?…. go figure and I really don´t care. I have enough now with my life, my family and my own surroundings. So the last thing I think of is some people in some screwed up countries, maybe it doesn´t sound politically correct, but I´m not a saviour nor are most of the people, they do write a lot about it though.

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  2. I would work hard and try my best to help people around . I think that if we are able to lessen the miseries of at least the people around us, we will be able to make a difference….thanks a lot…you inspire…

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  3. Alexander · · Reply

    Somehow even though we can access more information we are not always more connected. People are especially disconnected in their local communities. Sometimes you see people giving money to the major crisis that reach international news, but ignore the homeless people at their door or the ongoing crisis that don’t get attention.

    I think one problem is not being able to choose what to do, too much information..

    Your poem made me think 🙂

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  4. Reblogged this on Ijeoma Oledo and commented:
    Lord, break our hearts for what breaks yours. May we be like the Samaritan who didn’t turn away.

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