103828651-ConvertImageTell me
Would you leave your motherland for a life unknown?
Your children to cope with father that is not home
A life so different from that which once was
Now you stand in the midst of a sea of modern day slaves
Yet they scream from their lungs
“All of you must go home”
Our jobs they are taking is what comes from their mouths
Yet I see no gabachos working the fields
Picking the trash
Or cleaning the streets
Jobs that none desire to have
Others desire to live off the system
Yet this poor man
Works under the sun
Dying one by one
Yet to send home some funds
For those children who cry alone
What on earth am I here for? He ask daily
To suffer the pain of not seeing my children today
Is the money worth it all?
Is the discrimination the truth in it all?
Tell me
When you can name it in your daily life
Tell me so I can hear the answer to all

Copyright © Nathan Bonilla
Image Credit: HERE



  1. Bravo! Very thought provoking and on point for what’s currently going on in the world today.


  2. safi-a-moon · · Reply

    GREAT..Current flowing!


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