My heart aches when you come to mind
Those days that pass by without your voice next to mine
Though I know you stand gazing at my side
Oh but just a word from me you desire
Yet in my selflessness I leave you behind
The pain in my heart is your calling upon me
How can I have strayed away from you so far?
I feel so lost when you and I are not close
Yet I know you are faithful
Yet I know your love abides
But when I act in ways that bring no love to you
I feel dirty in your presence
I feel far from you
The adversary desires my soul
He desires to stray me away from you
Yet when I feel you far
You are right next to me
My heart hears your words
“My child I am here”
“My child I love you”
But today I will leave the world behind
Today I will look to you
Turn around and hug you
For my eyes see you not
Yet the eyes of my soul need thee
Night and day my heart aches for you
Not understanding that you never left
My Lord, my God
Forgive me and create in me a love so deep for you like never before
Lord I need thee

Copyright © 2015 Nathan Bonilla
Image Credit: HERE



  1. I always find Jesus right where I left Him behind.—Very touching, truthful poem.


  2. I needed to hear this. Just honesty. Thank you.


  3. Awe-mazing. Amen!


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