dsc_0027-editIt’s the sound heard around the world
Better yet the sound heard around
Around where?
In my barrio
After a long day of playing
One is the cop
The other a robbery
Children’s imaginations taken away from the reality that surrounds them
We struggle and play
We play hard all day
Up and down the barrio
The streets are ours
We are children of this pavement
But the sound sends an alarm around us
From down the block I hear it
Time to come inside
The sound is the whistle
The whistle from my padre
The day is coming to an end
Must get inside before the shadows come out
But with the whistle we enter
Into our homes for the night
The whistle heard around the world
Is my padre calling us home for the night

Copyright © 2015 Nathan Bonilla
Image Credit: HERE



  1. Children playing, practicing for life and the day they choose between cop and bandit. Good children with limited choices but in Jesus is the way to fulfilled purpose for every child with limited choices. Jesus had limited choices too but 2,000 years later, people are still filling up the world with books about Him. God isn’t limited by human circumstances.
    Wonderful poem, by the way.:0)


  2. Very nostalgic poem & takes me back to my childhood days:)


  3. Oh that we were still young. When life is innocence. When life is good. When life is what it should be. Thanks for taking me back for just a moment in time.


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