grayscale_image_generatorMy mind is running
From here to there I cannot sleep
Those that look for my destruction are wide asleep
Why is it for the truth a price is paid?
Those from the household are the enemy crept in
The ones my trust had been placed
Little did I know they would be the snake that would heist
In the garden I’m found speaking truth
But in the midst those that surrounded me look to see me crumble
Running my mind goes non-stop
To the light, yet it can’t seem to stop
Wide awake I toss and turn
The trust is broken
Alone I feel once more
No word shall come forth from my lips
The man I was has gone asleep
To a new person I walk
My lips sealed
Can’t believe what took place
Yet it seems unreal
The ones so close carried the knife
The knife that would stab the trust from behind
Watch your lips next time you speak
For one man shall die from the trust within

Copyright © 2015 Nathan Bonilla
Image Credit: HERE


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