Nominated for the: Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award

image21So I am so honored to be nominated for the “Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award” by Ameena K.G. This is such an honor because I see how my poetry has inspired many. Below is a list of questions that are asked of those that are nominated. Enjoy! Once again thanks for the nomination, here is Ameena’s blog link: CLICK HERE

Here are the questions:
1) What is your favorite book
I have so many, but I would say “Always Running” by Luis J. Rodriguez”

2) Why do you blog?
To express things that are deeply hidden in my heart through poetry and times of inspiration.

3) Define love according to you
Love is being unselfish and putting that person before you in all things.

4) If you had to choose one- fiction, non-fiction, poetry, which would you choose and why?
Poetry, because when I read poetry I see that a poem can mean something to me and something to someone else, but at the same time can inspire each individual in his or her own way.

5) Characteristic of your ideal woman
My wife, unselfish, best friend and a woman that will stand by your side. A husband is strong because of the wife that is stronger standing right behind him.

6) Life is- a roller coaster, mountain climb, landslide, other.
Mountain climb, each step of the way is a step closer to your purpose in life.

7) Favorite author
Luis J. Rodriguez

8) What legacy would you like to leave?
Of a man that was never scared to speak the words from his heart and carry with him the inspiration that runs deep within.

Copyright © Nathan Bonilla 2015
All Rights Reserved



  1. Heck yeah Nathan! LOVED your answers!!!! As someone who’s been married over 17 years I must admit I’m partial to the wife answer… loved the shout out LOL!!

    Mon Congrats!!!



  2. It was a pleasure reading your answers, inspiring as always. I agree with you, poetry speaks volumes, thank you so much for participating in this.


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