robert-yager-la-gang-tattoo-cholo-9In his eyes you see the tunnels within
The tunnels that run deep into the vessels
The vessels that lead to his heart
A sadness is seen
A broken heart
A vato loco from outside
A tuff appearance to scare all away
But inside lies a small child
Hurt and wanting to feel that love
A parent long gone, present but not present
There, but not there
They were just a name to him that stand’s today
A mother, he had, but never had
A father, he had, but never had
To the streets he searched for that love
In the streets he found a mixture of what he thought was love
Now he stands as a proud vato loco
But deep inside a child screaming for love
His eyes can tell of what he has seen
His eyes can share the story of long lost dreams
How many like him wonder the streets
Vato locos from outside
But a child within

Copyright © 2015 Nathan Bonilla
All Rights Reserved
Image Credit: HERE



  1. Description of his eyes…


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