Tadahiko Hayashi Many kids were shining shoes (Ueno) from Days in the Dregs 1946Through the streets he wondered
Leaving behind his toys to wonder if one day he would come to play
His home filled with hate
His father a drunk
His mother a lady of the streets
Some say in the park they saw him
A shoe shiner by trade
Small in age filled with an emptiness inside
A small child to wonder the streets
A small child to look for food
The love of a mother gone in a second
The love of a father never present
Oh how Manuel left his home never to come back no more
But one day the joy would come
In a park bench clinging to his dear life
A child is dying to hear those words
Your father is now a man of God
Your mother as well
In his eyes flows out a tear held back for so many years’
Flows down his check to hit the concrete below
But for little Manuel it was too late
The nights of cold winter rains
The times of tears dried up from the pain have left a toll in his heart
But there on that bench on that gloomy day
Manuel gave his life to the one that never left him behind
But as his eyes closed of joy
Manuel at a tender age entered the glories of eternal time
How many Manuel’s wonder the streets?
Looking for love that has long gone away
Manuel was his name
Today he sleeps to wait that glorious day

Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved
Image Credit: HERE


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  1. Meena G · · Reply

    Manuel…… is too good.

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