Guardian-AngelWith these eyes I see them not
Yet in my soul I feel their worth
On my knees the strength I get as they minister to my every needs
Messengers of the most high
Before creation they were present
Willing and able to give their devotion
To the Lord on high our Lord our God
Their mighty in His strength
An army they set ablaze
To His words they direct their gaze
Their understanding of the infinite is to be desired
Yet in their worth they praise His name
Used by Him to proclaim His name
In the Old Testament they helped His people
On the day of His appearing they rejoiced with great words
In the prison they freed Peter
And on call they ministered to Him in the garden
Yet on the cross they desired to help
But the plan was made and alone He died
But on that day they moved the stone to present to the world the Master of all the unknown
They are angels in our midst
And though our eyes see them not
Yet I’m assured amongst us they walk

Copyright © 2015 Nathan Bonilla All Rights Reserved
Image Credit: HERE

One comment

  1. Thanks for liking my post “Lady”. It allowed me to discover your poetry, which I am now a fame of. Keep writing and inspiring. Be blessed.


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