mkayFJWNow I understand
What I should have known from the start
To those memories I’m taken back
The hurt and pain that I have caused
Those moments in your darkest hours
To have been there would have been better
Yet in my selfishness I drifted away
Leaving you along to cope with the unknown
Yet today I can declare
Now I understand
To be by your side I will always stand
To be your light in the darkest night
Count on me my dear love
From now on I know what I need
To be that need to care for your every need
My love
My treasure
Now I understand
No longer selfish
But today I know
That in me you live and you in me
You are my flesh and I am yours
My love
Now I understand

Copyright © 2015 Nathan Bonilla All Rights Reserved
Image Credit HERE



  1. Wow. That’s sorta meaningful to me. Thank you.

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    1. That is great! blessings…

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  2. semalij · · Reply

    Now I understand. 😦 Powerful!

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  3. That made me cry, Nathan.

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    1. So glad it touched you, that was the purpose. Blessings!

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  4. to understand. beautiful.

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  5. Beautiful, Nathan – really beautiful. Glad you followed my blog so I could learn about yours. Thank you. Looking forward to reading more of your work!

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  6. Great post. Thanks for the follow. Blessings.

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  7. Reblogged this on second eyedentity and commented:
    Had to share this moving poem by Nathan Bonilla, I highly recommend taking a look at his blog. Inspiration is all around us ❤


    1. Thank you very much!


  8. This poem touched me deeply. And the photo too; this is how I held my late mother’s hand. ❤ Irina


  9. Lovely verses


  10. Nathan, you really brewed it bro. Loved d taste of it. Thanks for stopping by mine too


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