black_white_portrait_photo_14They appear when less expected
Like boiling water they are hard to detect
They grow little by little
From one color they evolve to another
Some say they bring wisdom
Others say they are of age
The stress in life can produce them
And yet to some it is a step
A step into the yet unknown
But they are no respecter of persons
And of ages they could care less
Some dread the day they appear
Others just let them stay
Some cover them with the artificial colors of life
Hoping that the chemicals would make them disappear
But yet underneath it all they are still present
Who are these that multiple like boiling water?
Not seen in their beginnings until it’s too late
They are the hairs that grow on our heads and faces
The white and grey that appear towards the end signifying it has begun

Copyright © 2015 Nathan Bonilla All Rights Reserved
Image Credit HERE



  1. safiamoon · · Reply

    hahaha and we are all going to get then 🙂


  2. mindbender999 · · Reply

    Good stuff… I really enjoy your style 😀


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