imageWhere they really conquistadores?
Those that came to our land
Corazones filled with greed
To destroy our gente was indeed what was taken
Robbed us of our land
Our culture was suppressed
To those that thought they had conquered all
But to destroy they were brought
The land today screams with the pain from nuestros padres
Children made to grow in a scene of horror
Conquistadores you call them
But to them they were gods
They played with our faith
To make our lands theirs
Today we are a clue
A mixture of what was taken
Not only found in our pueblos
But now in all the lands
Conquistadores you call them
To us just men
Looking to fulfill their lust for the riches of the unknown
Only history will tell and time will be seen
Of what little was accomplished
In destroying and taking our dreams

Image Credit: Here
Copyright (c) 2015 Nathan Bonilla All Rights Reserved


  1. Dame Elinora · · Reply

    well written, and thought provoking poetry.


    1. Thanks very much!


      1. Dame Elinora · ·


        Liked by 1 person

  2. A really nice poem. Very well written!


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