A land ravaged with war
The rivers turned cold
Cold with the blood of
Innocent children
Innocent mothers
Innocent fathers
A land that once flowed with life
In a land filled with hidden death in the fields
Brothers and sisters taught to kill the enemy
Blood killing blood and yet they are soldiers with no cause
Brought to America to seek peace
Yet in this land they have become foreign to the streets
Made to become soldiers again
They form a cause with no cause
A form of protection from those outside
And though no longer in their motherland
Yet they still become soldiers with no cause
Their eyes have seen what no man has seen
At a tender age they were made to grow
Made to mature at the killings at hand
And yet in this land they find no cause
No peace from the stress of the rivers of blood
The cause with no cause follows them to this new foreign land
They are soldiers with no cause
When will this end they contemplate
A life filled with hurt, hate and those things which make a man doubt in his existence upon Mother Earth
A soldier with no cause he wonders the streets
Where will it take him next is his next heart beat

Copyright © Nathan Bonilla All Right Reserved
Image Credit HERE

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