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I once knew a man
Firme and strong
One that had conquered and left the life behind
Came to our lives and made an impact
His way of being was something to want
I looked up to him until that fatal day
To our door steps he stood
Consumed by the drug
The white powder had power over his soul
His eyes once shined with a life so full
Now they stood as drops of rain on him who had lost his soul
“I need help” screamed his soul
In his eyes a cage could be seen from inside
We gave him a place in the storage unit
But little by little things began to disappear
His addiction was strong his soul so engulfed
Consumed by the drug there seemed to be no hope
Placed in a center all seemed well
Time would pass and the phone would ring
He left the center all is lost
In the streets to fulfill his lust
A lust for the candy that poisoned his soul
His anger would rage when a kind soul to his help would offer a hand
No longer was he that strong and firme man
But then I saw what it was to truly be lost
Consumed by the drug that tore his soul
Time would pass
He would be sent home
To his motherland to connect back with his soul
Last I heard of him
Was very good news
The man that once was had blossomed again
Like a rose between thrones he conquered again
But only time will tell if it comes calling him back again
But for now let’s remain with a glimpse of hope when in a world where all was lost

Copyright © Juan N. Bonilla All Rights Reserved
Image Credit: Me


  1. Very powerful poem

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  2. Reblogged this on How my heart speaks and commented:
    Meet a talented writer here

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    1. Juan N. Bonilla · · Reply

      Katherine thanks for the reblog and comment! very much appreciated

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