The way of the native tongue
Spiced with a foreign taste of the forbidden tongue
Once thought to be a shame to my people
Now it is blended with the unknown
It is el zapato that walks into our homes
It has captured our hijos like never before
No longer can we stop it from growing in our culture
Las palabras son firmes and yet they flow smooth from our tongues
It has become our way of life
Spanglish is the new light
Though in times past we neglected to speak it
Now it is un orgullo on a resume for a job in the field
Not in the field were our fathers labored
But in corporate America were it was once not known
To speak them both is like a smooth mixture of la crema de café in the early morning
It is like the sun beaming through the trees
What can we say that cannot be said
Spanglish is here and it will stay
My father would tell me “habla bien,
Or either in Spanish or in the unknown”
But today here we are and our children will know that though once neglected Spanglish is well known

Copyright © Juan N. Bonilla All Rights Reserved
Image Credit (HERE)

One comment

  1. Nice poem. Spanglish is here to stay.


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