So today I was honored to have my poem shared at a lecture by renowned Artist Jana Harper. Her work has been featured in various parts of the world and currently works as the Senior Lecturer at Vanderbilt University Department of Art in Nashville, TN. She recently began a project called “YOU CALL IT A CLOUD” the purpose behind it was to “take the common and collective phenomena of the clouds and look at the connections and differences in how we experience them.” Many people participated in this project and I was honored when I received an email from Jana, saying that she wanted to share my poem in her lecture at the downtown Nashville, TN public library. Below is the poem I wrote.

You call it a cloud
To me it’s una nube
To you it’s a cloud
To my people it was life
As a child my memories wonder
A cloud of memories appear
What is it I said?
Una nube he answered
To me it meant life
How the water drops that gave life to the land was consumed by the heat from above
To a cloud those drops were sent
No life taken from them
Prepared to bring back life to us
We waited in my country for the clouds to appear
Las nubes meant life
Water would soon appear
To our buckets we went
Ready for that drop
The one drop that signified the cloud had appeared
It was life to us in those days
Days were a cloud meant so much
Days long gone and spent
But in me remains
The clouds of memories
A cloud to you
Una nube para mi

Jana Harper’s Website (HERE)
You Call It A Cloud Project Website (HERE)

Copyright (c) Juan N. Bonilla 2015 All Rights Reserved


  1. Congrats on having your work featured!
    Beautiful poem. In our man-made world of illusions, we’ve taken the clouds for granted. Until they fail to bring life-giving waters.


    1. Juan N. Bonilla · · Reply

      Thanks so much!


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