I’m in love with you
All I want to do is be with you
Every time I think of you
A warmth comes over my soul
As if you were chosen for me before the world was created
The hands of the creator made you
In his thoughts there I was
For you were made for me
My soul mate you are
As time flows in the wind of the past
There I was getting closer to our paths
Our distance was far
Yet I feel I was there
In those times your heart was broken
I was there
On those pillows yours tears flowed for a love that was never meant to be so
I was there
For destiny was bringing us closer
My soul and yours would soon meet
But now I found you and here we are
No more crying for my heart is yours
Your tears I carry
Your hurt I will heal
You are mine and I am yours
Your pain I feel
My pain you feel
I’m in love with you
This is how I feel

Copyright (c) Juan N. Bonilla 2015 All Rights Reserved
Image Credit (HERE)

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