Chinese university students, in the role of Foxconn workers, lie on the floor during a street drama in Hong Kong

The following Poem I wrote because of the injustice we see today in many countries. People working long hours a day for us to enjoy the technology we have and yet we are unaware or we close our eyes to the conditions that exist for these workers, who in turn have become MODERN SLAVES.

Made to sweat,
Used for gain,
Long hours I give for little gain,
I’m seen as a number,
My life is but a slumber,
A piece of crumbs in the hands of hungry men,
Hungry for lust and money for gain,
They look to feed their bellies again,
I’m a new slave,
A modern machine,
Seen as a number for all their gain,
When will this stop?
When will someone notice?
So entrapped with the cares of this life,
A materialistic world it has become,
For me the new slave I have become,
In a third world country as a number I’m seen,
For those who enjoy the technology that my hands have built,
To feed my poor family I am a slave,
But who will hear? And who will care?
For I am just but a number in a world of numbers,
a modern slave I have become,
when will it end? When shall it be?
A modern slave I have become.

Copyright (c) Juan N. Bonilla 2015 All Rights Reserved
Image Credit: (HERE)

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