POEM: Where you from?


He tells me, “don’t wear that”
I tell him, “no mi importa”
Decked out with my blue flannel shirt,
I walk to the place of my education,
Time passes by and break is upon us,
I walk to eat and stopped by the fence,
A cholo looks and tells me, “hey, where you from?”
My heart beats, my mouth shutters,
“No where” I say with fear in my mind,
Too young to be gone,
Too young to die,
I hear his voice “don’t wear that shirt”
Now I ponder what if life would have ended?
My first encounter with the unintended,
I hear his voice and now here I stand
“Where you from?” Resounds in my mind.

Copyright (c) Juan N. Bonilla. All Rights Reserved
Image Credit: (HERE)

One comment

  1. nikkitarobert. · · Reply

    I love this, speaks deeply to my soul.


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